Friday, 20 April 2018

Ice ice baby

Yay! I give thanks I've finally ordered a new fridge freezer. I've been meaning to for a while but arm surgery and its aftermath have put back the plans a few times. It's a frost free one which should make life a lot easier...and is a little smaller than the one I currently have as a lot of the stuff I used to keep in stock is stuff I can't eat so much of now...

One of those barely rarely edible things is ice cream. Likewise fruit juice sorbets and frozen yoghurts, even non dairy ones... So I give thanks I had a brainwave for this mini heatwave and froze a plastic shot glass containing 'posh squash' ie elderflower and rose cordial. With nothing to stick in it for a stick I had to tip it into a bowl to eat..and somehow down my front as well, which was also very refreshing!

I give thanks lolly moulds are now on my mental shopping list, as this treat proved just the job for when all the cab drivers seem to have taken the day off and I have to plod up the hill. I give thanks for waiting a while on a seat near the rank to see if the situation improved...and thus for then knowing not to try to carry too much. I give thanks the busmen weren't on holiday and could bring me half way home.

I give thanks for getting out at all. Strangely, despite yesterday's exercise, my aches and pains eased off during the night and didn't catch up with me until I'd done some chores today. I give thanks for just keeping slowly pushing on and finally getting to a sunny sheltered spot on the beach to eat my lunch and read a Big Issue and have a big rest....

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Where're you walk

I give thanks for waking up bright and early (and not too sore) on a day with quite a bit to do...and even more going on in my head about what I'd like to, what I can't, might, mean to, meant to etc. I give thanks for forgetting it all for a moment and just being in the moment admiring the light and shadows across the room.

Unfortunately this all started so bright and early I fell asleep again after my morning cuppa and first bash at the chores, waking up the second time late and feeling short changed on both sleep and productivity. I give thanks for a good catch up nap in the late afternoon!

In between Mima and I had a trip out already planned - to an industrial estate... Not the best use of the glorious weather maybe but we did get lots of stuff to the recycling centre and failed to bring anything new or used home which is good for the planet and the pocket too! We also managed to munch most of a hearty cholesterol laden breakfast bap from a charmingly staffed and located van by a little river with nesting swans in the reeds (sorry vegan chums, but I have to now and then!) For discovering the interestingly textured seat we sat on was made with plastic bottles...

I give thanks on the way home (on the edge of another industrial estate!) finding the well hidden access to a pleasantly wooded and watery little place both of us had been to before but weren't sure how to get to. For an egret also wandering around though we were a few steps from a busy built up area. I love seeing egrets and herons, they always seem rather exotic and graceful birds for the UK! And I love seeing buds opening on the trees...

I give thanks for being taken out in a car... For getting out of the car... For being able to walk around a little and for being properly warm enough in the fresh air - such a rare treat for me with anaemia and a foreign travel ban!

I give thanks for turning on the local TV news this evening (something I only tend to do if the weather has been particularly unusual!) and seeing an item on a couple who walked the coast path for an unusual reason and with unusual health consequences. There's more about it here if it interests you...

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Seasons in the sun

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is...think of the first few months of this year! I give thanks today's weather was summer...and that eventually, with much groaning and grumbling, I managed to dig out some more seasonal attire and go and be sore and tired on the back beach for a bit...

I give thanks for all the sunny naturedness of the folk I met on my travels...and my sitting still. For having shop and cab doors opened for me. Chivalry? Care in the community? Who knows - but very handy when your hands are still in a very argumentative mood!

Back home, I give thanks we had a drummer boy for a little while this afternoon. Well, it could have been a man, woman or child of course,  but of all the neighbourhood disturbances it is the only one I actually truly don't mind at all!

I give thanks for giving going through several years of files and photos on an old lap top a go since this evening. So many memories...some I would have preferred to forget! Did make me very nostalgic for Windows 7 too...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

With a little help from my friends

I give thanks to Rachel for eating my bodged together tea, for treating my sore bits, washing the pots...and emptying the slops down the loo so they don't land on my neighbour's doorstep. She also brought me a baby money doesn't grow on trees you know, it grows on plants!

I give thanks for the mind and eye and ear candy of a BBC  Documentary on the Andes. We are so lucky to be able to travel to so many wonderful places these days - virtually and vicariously!

I give thanks for Ann sending me another excellent book to read...and for reading some of it too...

I give thanks for two reasonable sleeps, each side of the standard early morning stretch of wakefulness of the somewhat stressed and depressed. I give thanks for lots of ideas of things to do today to help me feel I'm still getting somewhere with some of the stuff I'd like to be achieving, but there was so much pain in too many places levels so everything including getting out of bed had to be done in stages (the first one of each being thinking I'd rather not even try!) and purposefulness and productivity ended up in short supply...

I give thanks for murky weather and nothing I had to go out for today, as this cut out two things that would have hurt horribly - putting shoes on and detangling my hair! I give thanks for arnica cream, Actipatches and paracetamol...

I give thanks most of my physical troubles are still due to non life threatening bodily malfunction. For continuing too defy medical science with the more serious conditions... For my microbiome which I suspect must be doing its bit!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Hold tight

Today I can't - my hands, especially my left one, are way too sore. So I give thanks for all the good stuff I did yesterday contributing to this, and my right arm hurting too, a particularly tricky combination if you want to...well pretty much anything actually!

I give thanks for some lengthy hanging on to the phone for some important 'business' calls which really didn't help...and yes, I should have tried to do this hands free but it's no help thinking of that now! I had to go through some rather detailed medical history on one and I was very grateful when I could put away the rather distressing historical paperwork I had to unearth for that.

I give thanks for eventually getting some shoes and a jacket on afterwards as I'd missed lunch and thought a cuppa by the sea might be called for. I find dealing with serious stuff quite stressful and exhausting, so I give thanks I know a dose of nature can help me to unwind. I give thanks for the warm sunshine, though the bitter breeze meant I couldn't linger, and ended up taking a take away home. I give thanks the packaging was compostable...Rachel's coming later, maybe she has a compost heap it can go on!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The wonder of you

There are things I regularly give thanks for (as well, of course, as those I don't!) One of them is being able to read, to readily translate those squiggles or patterns of pixels into information or ideas or entertainment.

I give thanks for reading about a teacher who couldn't and I found it a moving story, a handy reminder of what a precious skill this is, and of what a wonder the whole process is too...

Today I've been fighting a strong urge to move furniture around. Maybe I can't change the space I live in yet,  but perhaps I could change the way I live in that space in the meantime? The trouble is of course various surgeries I've had preclude heavy lifting and shifting, so I've had make do with some smaller scale reorganisation today. I give thanks for having the energy for this, plus some cleaning of murky corners...and for my right arm giving me mostly gentle reminders of what the limits are.

I give thanks for finishing the sewing I started yesterday...for sorting out MORE stuff for charity shops and recycling...and (not surprisingly) a bit of a nap on the sofa too!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Let's work together

I give thanks the paperback I bought for the princely sum of 50p yesterday is proving such a gripping read. I give thanks for finally forcing myself to put it down and get up this morning as my neighbour said she was coming round. No sign of her so far...but hey, it means I have a few chapters left!

I give thanks for finishing a general post op clean and tidy last night too for the same reason. I get to appreciate the effects anyway...My right arm did not appreciate the efforts, and complained even more when I tried a row of knitting, so I give thanks eventually it was up for machining together some patchwork squares this afternoon though cutting any more was out of the question.

Having finally more or less settled on the design, I give thanks I had enough of the right ones to start sewing a complete lengthways strip of blocks which feels like rather pleasing progress. I've tapped into a rich seam of potential frustration at others' behaviour the last few weeks and it's soothing to spend some time making chaos quietly by myself with fabric and then mending it again...And as it's been such a murky day it's been cheering to work with colours.

I give thanks for buying a reduced pack of choux buns yesterday and saving one for my 'afternoon tea' today...For a cunning menu of leftover bits and bobs for later so the kitchen should stay clean...

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