Thursday, 22 February 2018

The long and winding road

I give thanks for having lots of energy and enthusiasm today

For remembering to put the roll I buttered last night into my bag this morning...and that I remembered to take it out again and put the filling in! For the sunlight bright on the rough and tumble sea and a window seat on the train

For undertaking a busy program of city centre shop scouring, something I can rarely face but which was passably possible through it being a quiet time of the day/week/year. One of the shops I'd wanted to actually buy things in was actually shut, and one I was pretty sure I did didn't actually stock the item, but hey ho, my bank balance didn't mind, nor my knees on the trek back from the bus stop.

I give thanks for the chance to catch glimpses of other lives, including an older lady explaining to a younger one that tea didn't always come in bags!

I give thanks the results of my last blood test remained undiscussed, though as this was because the consultant was distracted by finding my new fistula didn't seem to be working not really a good result either. I give thanks for filing away the disappointment and dismay to deal with nearer the time of the next dreaded attempt, and to use my hands to do things I enjoy as much as possible while I still can.

I give thanks for one of my favourite suppers - the sort I'm only supposed to have once in a blue moon now. Oh, happy taste buds and tummy!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Another brick in the wall

I give thanks for the luxury of an extremely restful day, and I give thanks for not considering this 'lazy' but necessary and recuperative! Sometimes I hit a wall of tiredness and it has to be clambered over or trudged around, but there's days when I have the great good fortune to be able to just lean against it and lounge around a while...

I had planned to stay in bed very late but woke up very early and I give thanks for the beautiful glowing blue of a half dark sky when you're indoors with the light on, an early cuppa and biscuit with a book and back to sleep again. For waking in time to remember to check what time a delivery was due... And realising, with a shock, much earlier than I'd imagined but with time to get hastily dressed and ready. For the postman arriving at the same time as the courier's van so only one trip up and down the stairs today.

I give thanks for doing a few crafty things until my hands ached, for a hearty lunch that drifted into a nap in front of the TV and for catching sight of the hazy sunlight brightening these chimney stacks through the bare branches of the trees.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What a difference a day makes

I'm not sure I ever remember waking up quite so half asleep as I did today...I give thanks a message that John, Jo and Dan were on the way arrived soon after and made me hurl myself out if bed and into action...

I give thanks for making some rather nice experimental 'unfairy' cakes without the various banned deliciousness I like in a cake like chocolate, nuts and dried fruit but with the permissible glace cherries and candied peel. I give thanks I've tracked down the superior sorts of these that have a flavour other than simply sweet, and organic vanilla paste which is as different from that cheap stuff in a little bottle as can possibly be.

I give thanks for a sunny afternoon with some of my oldest chums, who insisted they had no idea my latest birthday had been my sixtieth but made me cups of tea, trimmed my hair, vacuumed the carpet and took me out for a late lunch at one of my favourite local spots to make up for failing to behave in a suitably celebratory fashion on the day!

I give thanks for a new series of 24 Hours in Police Custody. Sure I like watching some fictional detectives some of the time but real life procedural I find completely riveting...and the first episode has a stranger than fiction twist too!

Monday, 19 February 2018

I'm sticking with you

I give thanks for glimmers of sun today... and for the beginnings of a moon! I give thanks for discovering the wonders of Bondaweb!

Domestic chores seemed extra tiring today, so I give thanks for a nearly nap after lunch though unfortunately I had to go for an 'annual review' with a nurse at the medical practice so had to get up again sooner than I would have preferred. I politely expressed my scepticism at the point of this rather tedious and duplicatory activity, and she fessed up it was a recruitment drive for another vaccination...which I politely declined.

For a mild afternoon for accepting a cup of tea and a sweet treat on the seafront...and the cafe owners explaining the reason it had been so busy yesterday was that everywhere else had been blue-skied and bright and people had driven here thinking it would be too. For a hint of peach in the west as the clouds gathered again.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Whiter shade of pale

I give thanks I remember how good I felt yesterday morning - last night it was all nightmares and waking up with aches. I give thanks I kept going back to sleep though... especially as I was craving pancakes before 6 am and that's really too early to be crashing around in a kitchen with no sound insulation.

I give thanks for making pancakes, eventually round about brunch time where they belong... For making a few first tentative slices with my rotary cutter and being pleased so far.

I give thanks for coaxing my printer into accepting a cheap copy ink cartridge and printing and posting a polite referral to the Landlord and Tenants Act for the man currently trying to manipulate leaseholders here. For Charlotte downstairs backing me up and tackling another issue. It feels a bit less stressful not to have to deal with all this alone.

For thinking the fog would mean I could have a little stroll alone between dropping off recycling and picking up Sunday afternoon bargains at the supermarket. Actually the beach and its surrounds were teeming, but it did look rather murkily lovely and its only fair to share! I give thanks for the mad chap jet ski jumping high over the waves - very entertaining, especially when he did it close to shore and we could actually see him!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Woke up this morning

I give thanks for sleeping pretty soundly and, not only waking up comfortable, which is not common, but left my bed and went to the kitchen without sharp intakes of breath stiffness, staggering, stumbling, grumbling and groaning. It was only on the way back with a cuppa I realised all these things were missing - lush!

It didn't last of course...but I give thanks for, apart from more fatigue and dietary restrictions than I'd like, not feeling like a late stage kidney patient. For warm wet laugh in the bath with the (words of) Bill Bryson. For hearing from two separate people I have now known for almost two thirds of my life...both heart warning and brain warping that!

I give thanks for a beautiful morning...and that the sun went in in the afternoon as I kept feeling I 'ought' to go out but really didn't want to. For pottering about with numerous indoor chores of both the housework and handiwork variety instead. My operated on arm is still not back to full strength but is earning its keep again and has not only participated in changing fairly vigorous activities such as changing the bedding and vacuuming the carpet but also...(can you hear a faint drum roll?)...half a row of rag rug hooking!

For now having that Alabama 3 track in my head. Not a problem!

Friday, 16 February 2018

All right now

My goodness me I felt rough this morning...I give thanks I feel a whole lot better now! Actually on the whole I give thanks I am beginning to feel considerably more like there is something serious the matter with me, as this makes it seem a lot less as if I am being driven towards dialysis without due care and attention.

I give thanks for a busy hour or two in the management management office which is cunningly concealed in my bed, before managing to boil an egg perfectly - something I very rarely successfully do! For a rather mild bright, gale free day to trek across town to collect meds, a parcel and a reserved book at the library and to take Mima a pint of milk so she could make me a cup of tea. For some really nice ginger biscuits from her little local shop.

I give thanks for my parcel not being silly big so I could stop and buy a Big Issue and could walk home via the therapeutic sea, ever more slowly as I made my way up the hill but rather absurdly proud of myself nonetheless. I give thanks for my new cutting kit. I don't know if the first cut will be the deepest but it will be the scariest that's for sure

I give thanks for making make it up as you go along spicy lentil patties for my tea, to go with couscous and the kind of over cooked veg any dietician other than a renal one would declare unfit for human consumption! Patties are definitely fit for it!
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