Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Warm and bright

I give thanks for waking up extremely early, all the better to enjoy staying in bed extremely late! For a mind a-brim with creative ideas - alterations, renovations, seasonal puzzles for the library and little gifts to make...even a painting I would like to (try to) do sometime when I've nothing else to... For making a little progress with projects already on the go, and even those not - like the vacuuming when I finally felt thoroughly rested.

For a grey day just right for staying mostly indoors, gold leaf splashes in the communal gardens, a bright rainbow of vehicle rooves and bushes drooping with elderberries by the rubbish bins. For the surprising mildness to help take the chill off the next electric bill maybe?

Monday, 20 November 2017

Knit fix

There's been a lot of tussles with inanimate objects today - cutlery, clothing, the contents of my purse - but most of all my own body I guess. I give thanks for skirmishes won and for philosophically accepting some things are not fixable just now...

All I really felt up to was staying in bed and reading so I give thanks for Jenny taking me to the library and back! For three looked forward to books on very long loan as the computer system there is due for an overhaul over the nest few weeks. For nattering with the ladies who knit though my hands were too sore to join in with that part. It was very interesting not taking any with me and having to deal with the constant urges to do so - a bit like not having a cigarette if you're a smoker, or just pop if you like a drop of the harder stuff, when all around you people are partaking. There's something about the rhythmic repetitive movements of knitting which can be rather meditative and soothing...and clearly somewhat addictive!

I give thanks I managed to drink tea and eat biscuits anyway...

I give thanks for managing to machine sew some small seams I pinned a few days ago. For leftovers for tea so no chopping.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Later, much later...

I give thanks for no viewings booked for next week. Yes, I want to move, but also to avoid the movements of vacuuming and scrubbing for a little while. The place is messier than I prefer it though so this morning, while the kettle boiled for my morning tea, I decided to use my freshly unbandaged and fairly cooperative hands to do a little storage space rationalisation in the kitchen. I give thanks in the process I discovered some ancient fudge and mini Easter eggs, which of course I sampled straight away to check if they needed chucking. I give thanks they'll last a little longer yet...

I give thanks for wearing my last year's new boots for the first time as, though they seem virtually flat soled, my inflamed discs twelve months ago perceived them as 'high heeled' and too painful to wear. I give thanks for they seem to fit and be comfy now as it's way too late to return them...

I give thanks for meeting Mima, and later Liz and William, for refreshments outside a cafe with some jazz festival fringe free event inside, but though it was mild they kept the door shut so only the proper diners could properly hear. I give thanks I had a brief sense of what it must be like to be a bird of prey's dinner when a gull swooped in fast and low over my head to take the cake. Like being in a Boeing flight path it was!

I give thanks for a lift home via the Co op, where I found some nice bread and incapacitated my hands so badly cutting some of it while making a meal I had to have a huge snooze in front of the TV afterwards! That's one good thing about pain - it can lead to less attempting to achieve anything other than getting rest.

Oh, and I give thanks for realising the unattractive mammoth jar of pills I have to have in a conspicuous place to remember to take them fits perfectly inside the largest mug I have, which I love but tend not to use as it's hard to lift it with hot liquid in. This pleases me on so many levels, except for the one where I wonder if it should please me so much!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Roll with it

I give thanks for an early night and lots of sleep but unfortunately I was much too sore this morning for Plan A which was to meet Mima on the bus or train for a quick shopping trip to the city. I give thanks for Plan B which was for her to pick me up in her car and drive part of the way to close by another more accessible station. I give thanks this was also near a favourite chip shop so I could buy her lunch to say thank you on the way back!

I wouldn't normally choose to be 'in town' on any Saturday, let alone one when the High Street and malls were already absorbing a steady stream of customers by 10am...and I give thanks the places I wanted to spend my pennies were mostly off the beaten track, down the cobbled lanes. I give thanks thanks in the noble search for treats for vegan chums and a rather alternative son I came back with some stuff for myself as well! Well, 'What would you like for Christmas?' is not a phrase I often hear so it's important to make sure I get it! Oh, and I give thanks for discovering though the relocated Real Food shop has no cafe (boo!) it does sell Taifun tofu (hooray!) plus something I've seen on line that looks a lot like original Sosmix. A plate of my traditional non-sausage rolls would look a lot like Christmas and (unlike most traditional seasonal food) actually be allowed!

I've not done much since I've been home but that's OK, there's no law that says I have to! I give thanks for thinking a lot about crafty items I'd like to make. My head is always as full of design ideas as a Pinterest page but, as these don't come with patterns and instructional videos, many woman hours go into the workings out of how to make them happen. Many happy woman hours, I might add, of stitches and seaming in my head, scribbled sums on bits of paper...probably a few unhappy ones are saved as well by less unpicking and trying again...

I give thanks it's the slow cooker's turn to cook tea and, though there's lots of free stuff on in town for the the jazz festival I shall be freely making use of the sofa, the remote control and the snooze button!

Friday, 17 November 2017

The good, the bad and the snuggly

I give thanks for the blue skies and brightness today, making it such a good one to be out and about. I give thanks I went out and appreciated the clear sunshine on leaves and fields and water... But the fibromyalgia pain, which started out not too bad, just got worse and worse, so I give thanks for giving up and getting home again as quickly as I could, even abandoning the veg shopping as as that would have been just too much upright and too much to carry up the stairs.

I give thanks that I could abandon everything else and snuggle back under the covers for the rest of the afternoon...and for eventually, mercifully, falling asleep...

I give thanks for waking up to the pretty pink light all around at sunset...and that I was hungry so had to get up again! I give thanks I only have to cook (and wash up) for one. Sometimes that's more than enough...

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bags of fun

I give thanks in between sniggering about unlikely names for tea bags in the health food shop yesterday,  I came up with a good idea for those fiddly individual paper sachets some of them come in. OK, they're hygienic in a cafe, and useful when you're going somewhere, but when you're just going to bed and your hands are tired, they can be most frustrating! So, as I've a spare little caddy that's been used for things that don't need to be in it, I had a session of snipping open envelopes and putting the tea bags straight in the tin...

I give thanks for this leading to the sorting out and cleaning of a kitchen cupboard - just the one, let's not get carried away, but I like clean and tidy and also like keeping up the feeling that I'm getting ready to move.

Apart from this I've not moved much today, being rather tired and sore. I give thanks for making it downstairs (and back!) for a surgical supplies delivery though, and for the driver not giving me grief for having to phone to tell me he's there. Even if I had a doorbell I'd not move fast enough for a courier's normal knock and run style, especially around about the time of my performance enhancing meds delivery when I seem to slow almost to a stop. I give thanks I've had my monthly dose and should start feeling the build up of strength and energy again in a few days...

I give thanks for being able to operate the sewing machine in small doses, finishing off a little half slip to stop some of my shorter skirts from clinging and becoming even shorter, and starting to form some receptacles from fabric scraps to put seasonal items in!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


I give thanks for feeling lots better after lots of sleep, plus an evening and morning of doing very little at all...bolstered and boosted by this I was able to go out and act like a fully functioning human being for a couple of hours this afternoon! I give thanks for going to collect a prescription and that it wasn't urgently required as it had met some administrative fate on the surgery's systems and wasn't available after all.

I give thanks for meeting Mima for refreshments, popping into Waitrose afterwards to stock up with my favourite foodstuffs from there...and that I hadn't been planning to have any of them for my tea as they were out of stock of all!

I give thanks for spotting these beautifully coloured leaves on the way...and sharing a laugh with the staff in the health food shop after misreading a tea bag packet that had 'organic' printed above 'assam' but seemed to say something quite different...

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